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Cold-Light Teeth Whitening Service

-A simple,safe way to return your teeth to natural whiteness in just 30 minutes-


The popular BEYOND™ Professional Teeth Whitening system which provides you with a simple, safe, convenient way to return your teeth to an optimal, natural whiteness in just 30 minutes.

The principle of operation is using the narrow beam of high-intensity blue light ,combined with the whitening gel, after a special optical process removes harmful infrared and ultraviolet light, this rapidly whitens the entire surface of all 16 front teeth that restoring them to beautiful, naturally white looking teeth.



Tests proved that, after whitening the teeth score from 5 to 10 points higher on the VITA scale. The results depend on the teeth original color, but the result will be naturally white, shiny teeth. The whitening could last for up to two years, though the difference from person to person and depends on his diet and lifestyle.

The whitening technique is absolutely safe, because it uses cold light at a low temperature, it avoids irritation of the nerves of your teeth, and the whitening fluid is water based and does not come into contact with your gums, and will not damage your teeth or tooth enamel.

For the first 24 hours after the beyond treatment, you must avoid smoking, drinking tea, coffee, cola, red wine and any other dark colorized drinks or foods. Also avoid using colorized mouthwash or colorized toothpaste.



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